Sunday, 17 March 2013

BA (Hons) Digital Art Practice storey boards

  Storey boards

As part of the Munny Dunny project we have be asked to do some animation  from my past experience with animation I have incorporated some of my knowledge  so i have done a few storey boards  to outline my idea  usually if u have a good storey board  dnt need to right anything down and explain whats going on but  i have decided to explain  what my idea is just encase the storey board is not clear

The scene starts  and a box falls down stretching and squashing  as it falls  it lands on the floor the Munney thats inside the box jumps out and the box opens  the Munny  jumps out and looks at it  and turns towards it and get a running start and kicks it out the scene the box goes flying and the Munny turns back and some hands come into the scene from the side the hands are rigged up to a robot arms  and they are carrying some art  tools and stationery and start  customise the Munny with all the work thats going on there is  a cloud  of smoke and everything gets covered up    wen the dust clears the Munny is visible once more and  once again the transformation begins and at this point a seres of my own Munnys is  shown throughout the transformation the scene fades out and  the Munny logo appears and the kid robot log  appear as well

The following are some of the storey boards i developed for  this  im planing on taking it  to amniotic stage and also have the final animation .

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