Monday, 29 October 2012

BA (Hons) Digital Art Practice images for presentation 30/10/2012

Munny Dunny s final designs and presentation.

so to start of i was unable to complet the consept i orgnal came up with  parkor cats as you will see i spent  mabey a bit to much time on the 1 idea trying to develop it  and get it to a final peace  on the outher hand i learnt that althought problem solving is going to arise in the fuetcher with  new projects and ideas not to spend to much time obsesing over the   problem and  to admit  wen i am  beat hower  all was not lost althoguh i was unable to use my cat  idea on a dunny or a munny bodey i did try it out on a trikky witch s a cat version of a munny dunny  i hav to say i was prety pleased with the fnal out come its just a shame it didnt work on my munny or dunny as well as i wanted it to  moveing on  after realising i had spent 2 much time on my first idea i came up with s a quik braine storm anouther 2 ideas witch i started to think about and  develope in the space of the time i had although they are not my best work i still manged to compleat them if i had manged my time better   i feel they would of been  amzing bas i wanted to design some weapens  for  them and a charicter profile   so my idea was t creat my oun army men in the style of a munny  but try to give them charicter as  u will see in the shops the facial exspersions seem the same  so i tryied to give them emotion byt  working on facile features  however to me persnal they   are ok  but could be developed further  into something better any way i  decided to make a leader and a capten  they  all prety much wer the same thing aprt form the leader and the capton i aso gave them head geard as i felt ther was no enoughf room on the munny its self  but if u look underneeth u will see that ther are faical features as wel as haire on the head or some  have a skin head  all in all i feel i  was able to reaserch and gather information to develop ideas and prodecse a out come  i now no not to obses abut 1 thing and  try  not to spennd all my time trying to reslove a design problem i have ot some desighns i planed oud out in the skech book i was working in i would like to up loud them to  my blog at some point .

Monday, 22 October 2012

BA (Hons) Digital Art Practice 23/10/2012 dunny design in illustrator cs5 update

Update on dunny 

so iv been trying out a few different thing for the dunny  got some more couler  mad some changes to the previous  1 witch i post on my blog earlier i still need to come up with a suitable mouth and nose i feel this would define the dunnys character as a cat more and by doing so i will have completed what i have set out to achieve .

BA (Hons) Digital Art Practice 22/10/2012 dunny design in illustrator cs5 update

Dunny update 

so heer is an imge iv been working on for some time in illustrater  i will be honest i  did finde it a challge but think this  is what  i will stick with in regards to my proses witch hellped me to solv problems throught the development of this peacse of work i will still try to refine and make it better as it gos along but fr now i feel comftble with this and will hopefully have it compleated in a short while 

Sunday, 21 October 2012

BA (Hons) Digital Art Practice 21/10/2012 dunny design in illustrator cs5

this is a updat on wher i am at with my dunny not sure if u can tell if its a cat yet but this is what im struggling with  based on the eras and shape of my dunny i am no sapose to change the  outline  and have to work  with in  the  boundaries  some what difficult if you are me this is an update and  not the final desighn  i still have to come up with 3 outher designs i have got a sketchbook outlining   my proses of how i have  got to this point

some other ideas iv had i would like to create are a serious of army characters and also evan maybe  some robot warriors like  gundam wing  providing  time  allows  that is

Friday, 19 October 2012

BA (Hons) Digital Art Practice 19/10/2012 3d objects 3d s max 3

While working in 3ds max i choose the sphere shape this gave me the chance to work with make objects from the sphere as you see i have managed to make a dome shape by changing the  hemisphere to 5.0 and by enabling the slice option it cut away part of the  dome and by enabling the base to pivet i was able to lift the sphere  from the stage

While using the cylinder shape i mad a few different cylinders and changed the  sides i found the more sides it had the more rounder it became however if you decrees the sides you get a few different out comes  triangle square and hexagon wear  just some of the few things i fund while experimenting with it

with the torus shape it looks like a donut and i was able to get some different things from it i was able to cut it in half i also was able to add more smoothnes and evean ad more sides to it and take away

I used the following link to find out how to do these simple exercise

BA (Hons) Digital Art Practice 19/10/2012 3d objects 3d s max 2

I havee been spending some time  in 3ds max  getting to grips with the program  so far iv learnt to creat diffrent objects something that was puzling me whule working in 3ds max was how to change the vuiw point so  i mange to figure it out by secting the vuiw point and then going to the tab and clicking maxieze vuiw poimt this lets me work in 1 vuiw  how ever its quit cofusing to figure out witch vuiw is best to use as the vuiw i tride was from the front i need to try a few b4 i figure out witch 1 im comeftble with  so heer is a screen shot of some objects i created its nouthing amzing just some shapes as  you have to crawll b4 you learn to walk hopefully il pick 3ds up at a good speed .

the images  are of a tea pot square sphere and a plain

BA (Hons) Digital Art Practice 19/10/2012 3d objects 3d s max

 3d Objects 3d s max

I started looking at  creating simple objects in 3ds max objects like spheres and boxes .
I have taken some screen shots of the proses in witch i have created the objects the first thing  i found useful was to get firmiler with the tools and the interface  so far i have learnt how to creat an objet and how to move it  i have also learnt how to zoom in and out as well as change the size of the box . So first thing was opening up the program  then  select the create icon in 3ds max next chose the object i want for example a box  then i drag it out on to the stage and left click to build it up  the next step for me was to  move it around  and i did this by using the select and move  key witch looks like 4 arrows in a and that was my proses for learning to create the boxes in the images below .

Sunday, 14 October 2012

BA (Hons) Digital Art Practice 15/10/2012

theas are a few of the desighns iv been working on  soom look ok outhers i dnt feel that inspired about at this right im not sure wer to go wit it

BA (Hons) Digital Art Practice 14/10/2012Wrap a texture or pattern around an object - Photoshop

Wrap a texture or pattern around an object - Photoshop

so iv been working with  my idea in illustrater and then exported it to photoshop to do a  

Wrap a texture or pattern around an object 

this is what i have ended up with so far but still unsre of this as im getting fustrated with things  i may just scrapthe idea and come up with something new .

so as you can see it looks like a cat but it just seems to noit have wraped round the way i wanted it to so im thing i may need to make the back ground imge in this case the cat face bigger and it may wrap round better  or evan the munny head  as u can notice iv chosen to use a munny head to see how things turn out