Friday, 25 February 2011

Ad break

Ad break

Ad Break from Sam  Walsh on Vimeo.

Finally here is our student film ' Ad break'. I worked on this film with Sarah Little, Tom Clark and Sam Walsh. This was a group project for our second year at University  West of England    Sam was the director of ' Ad Break' and  was also lead animator on the Ed Plus commercial. Sam  animated the first three shots in the 'ED Plus ' commercial, the last shot on the 'Commio's' commercial ( sarah did the layout), and 6 shots on the 'Constapeaze' Ad.  I worked with Tom   on the sound for 'Constapeaze'  We used the sound studio at UWE  and i edited the sound clips  I also worked on the back grounds for  Ed Plus  and also did some concept art for  'Commio's'  I came up with the final design of the cereal box  All in all,  I tried to work with every one and there needs   By arrange meetings to discuss our progress and development of ideas. There was 1 scene that was cut  that i animated using Adobe after affects  and live action I wasnt  to happy with the outcome of that but it was a group decision to cut the scene from the film. The characters did go off a model a bit when different animators worked with the same character and  the sound design, on 'Commio's'  was     done by another team member  it wasn't grate apart from that I think it turned out very well considering it was our first group film.

Stop Motion Lipsync Exercise. .

 This is the puppet we ended up using, although i didnt make it, it has all the relevant armatures inside it to make it move. While working with  Becky as a team i learnt a lot  about communication and hard work i feel working on stop motion as a team is more productive  because  if something doesn't work you can develop the solution to fix the problem to gather .

the puppet and mouths 

working with a friend in stop motion as a team

Stop Motion Lipsync from Becky Farr on Vimeo.

Stop Motion Lipsync Exercise.

This is  was an assignment from first year module. We wear  given some sounds in stop motion and had to animate the mouth and the movements.
Becky and I sat down and drew out all the mouth shapes we needed to go along with the sound, we then made them all out of sculpy.

Thursday, 24 February 2011