Sunday, 17 March 2013

BA (Hons) Digital Art Practice anmatic

BA (Hons) Digital Art Practice  amniotic

this was a short test to see how my amniotic ran it is only half complete but is looking good the only thing i can see whats wrong with it is the  timing  but  i will try to correct this   in the final edit

BA (Hons) Digital Art Practice development of storey boards and amniotic

Development of storey boards and amniotic .

I did some roughf planing of  ideas before i began my storey bourds
thease are some of the development drawings i did can hem in frm my sketch book but my scanner isn't working so wel so i did take some photos

I feel developing ideas  this way is good cos  animating blindly can be quit desserts from prevues experience i no time is an issue wen it comes to animating bu u need to crawl before  you walk so thats why i did the development work of this  to make sure i dnt  go in with ought a plan

BA (Hons) Digital Art Practice storey boards

  Storey boards

As part of the Munny Dunny project we have be asked to do some animation  from my past experience with animation I have incorporated some of my knowledge  so i have done a few storey boards  to outline my idea  usually if u have a good storey board  dnt need to right anything down and explain whats going on but  i have decided to explain  what my idea is just encase the storey board is not clear

The scene starts  and a box falls down stretching and squashing  as it falls  it lands on the floor the Munney thats inside the box jumps out and the box opens  the Munny  jumps out and looks at it  and turns towards it and get a running start and kicks it out the scene the box goes flying and the Munny turns back and some hands come into the scene from the side the hands are rigged up to a robot arms  and they are carrying some art  tools and stationery and start  customise the Munny with all the work thats going on there is  a cloud  of smoke and everything gets covered up    wen the dust clears the Munny is visible once more and  once again the transformation begins and at this point a seres of my own Munnys is  shown throughout the transformation the scene fades out and  the Munny logo appears and the kid robot log  appear as well

The following are some of the storey boards i developed for  this  im planing on taking it  to amniotic stage and also have the final animation .

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

BA (Hons) Digital Art Practice 3ds max

BA (Hons) Digital Art Practice 3ds max working with seamles tiles.

so i started to practise  my 3ds max skills  for a few hrs  i have to say i feel a bit more comftble using 3ds max but ther are a few slight things i am strugling with but i hope to get theas resoldve as soon as possble  any way this is just some of the work iv been doing i have taken screen shots to document my progres with  usinf this softwer and over comeing obsticals i have had to deal wth 

Saturday, 24 November 2012

BA (Hons) Digital Art Practice 3ds max creating a plain floor final imge

3ds max 

So after applyig all the steps to  my sceen  i was succseful  and  was happy with it this is what it should look like erything linde up and snapped to the grid nothing out of place and im quit happy with the final out come 

BA (Hons) Digital Art Practice 3ds max creating a plain floor

3ds max 

So after a number of atempts   with 3d s max i have finaly created  a simple plain floor within the program  i found my sellf in the past not getting it right and strugling to creat a succsesful peac of  work but aft sitting  doun with baz he spent  a good amount of time on me teaching me wher i was going wrong  and what i neede to do to get  the result i wanted  ther wer a few things that i did not  do or forgot to apply while creating my sceen so i have taken some screen shots of the  steps i was forgetting 

the first thing was the snap toggle i wasnt right clicking it  and getting the sub menue in wer i had to select grid and vertex  becouse i wasnt  using this it  made the paines i was creating not line up and to the grid and wen it didnt snap it looked like they wer floutug in the aire  wen i was under the impression it was  snaped snaping

The next thing i neede to do was to copy the plaine and creat 3 around it so i took the  grid off and just had vertex this anbled me to use  select tool and  hover rnd the vertisey piont wwitch is  on the corner of the plaine  so i potion it and  hold shift what this does is coppies the plaine but also snapes so its accurltey plased next to the  plaine beside it 

Friday, 23 November 2012

some work for my uni coure digtal arts practice yeer 1

This is some work iv  done while on my cours at uni
i worked with an image  that was given to me and  made some suitle changes iv used the ear and eyes of a cat and  made some changes to the nose

I  was then told to take an image of my self and do some modification to it the fished result is the following image