Saturday, 24 November 2012

BA (Hons) Digital Art Practice 3ds max creating a plain floor

3ds max 

So after a number of atempts   with 3d s max i have finaly created  a simple plain floor within the program  i found my sellf in the past not getting it right and strugling to creat a succsesful peac of  work but aft sitting  doun with baz he spent  a good amount of time on me teaching me wher i was going wrong  and what i neede to do to get  the result i wanted  ther wer a few things that i did not  do or forgot to apply while creating my sceen so i have taken some screen shots of the  steps i was forgetting 

the first thing was the snap toggle i wasnt right clicking it  and getting the sub menue in wer i had to select grid and vertex  becouse i wasnt  using this it  made the paines i was creating not line up and to the grid and wen it didnt snap it looked like they wer floutug in the aire  wen i was under the impression it was  snaped snaping

The next thing i neede to do was to copy the plaine and creat 3 around it so i took the  grid off and just had vertex this anbled me to use  select tool and  hover rnd the vertisey piont wwitch is  on the corner of the plaine  so i potion it and  hold shift what this does is coppies the plaine but also snapes so its accurltey plased next to the  plaine beside it 

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